Life Threatening Food Allergies

Life-Threatening Food Allergy

The Needham Public Schools (NPS) recognizes the increasing prevalence of student food allergies and the life- threatening nature of allergies for many students and adheres to the Life-Threatening Food Allergy Policy. The Administration of the NPS shall ensure compliance with the policy and implementation of procedures that minimize the risk of exposure to allergens that pose a threat to students, educate all members of the school community, and plan for the individual needs of students with life-threatening food allergies. Furthermore, policy and procedures aim to assist students with assuming more individual responsibility for their health and safety as they grow older, and to ensure full participation in their educational programs and school sponsored activities.

Guidelines for Management of Life Threatening Allergies in the Schools

In compliance with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Needham Public School's have developed the following guidelines for the Management of Life Threatening Allergies in School.

The following statements reflect the important highlights of these guidelines:

Parents should notify the School Nurse and the classroom teacher of their child's allergy and schedule an appointment with the nurse to discuss the specifics of their child's allergy.

The School Nurse will develop an Individual Health Care Plan and an Allergy ActionPlan/Emergency plan for each student with life-threatening allergy to ensure his/her safety at school.

Needham Public School does not allow food based rewards or incentives. Non-curriculum based celebrations are food free.  Teachers must check with the school nurse before offering any food based items for curriculum. 

In order for medication to be administered at school below are the forms that are required along with a medication order from your health care provider. 
Parent Authorization Form
Emergency Form 

Please review the following checklist that should assist you in gathering all the necessary information and supplies required. Please plan to deliver all forms and medication to the health office / school nurse by September 1. 
You must have all items below in order for any medications to be accepted. 

  • Emergency Health Care Plan (Allergy Action Plan) - requires Physician and parent signatures.
  • A copy of this form will be given to classroom teacher, cafe personnel and will go with your child on field trips.
  • 4 Wallet size pictures of your child to be placed on Emergency health care plan
  • Physician’s Authorization for Dispensing Medication Administration form or Dr order
  • Parent Authorization for Medication Administration in School Form- requires parent signatures. Please note field trip section.
  • If ordered, Epinephrine auto-injector (ie. EpiPen, Auvi-Q, Adrenaclick) in pharmacy labeled prescription box (preferably a supply of at least 2 Epinephrine auto-injectors). Ideally provide medication that will not expire during the school year.
  • If ordered, Benadryl. in original pharmacy container, labeled with your child's name and birth date). Ideally provide medication that will not expire during the school year.
  • Other prescription and over-the- counter medications in original pharmacy labeled containers including child's name and birth date.


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