Protecting Your EBT Cards & Benefits


The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) clients have been the target of benefit theft through skimming.  Skimming is a type of theft where thieves put a device on a store's card-swiping machine to copy card information. This information is used to make fake EBT cards. These are then used to steal money or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits from real accounts. Skimming can happen anywhere someone swipes an EBT card.

To protect households and their benefits from known skimming scams, DTA is requiring cardholders in locations with a high incidence of skimming (Eastern MA) to set a new PIN to use their EBT over the next few weeks. DTA gave cardholders prior notification and is providing special outreach to residents with a need for certain accommodations, older adults, new arrivals, and survivors of domestic violence.

All DTA clients are encouraged to change their EBT card PIN before each time they get their benefits to protect against scams. Cardholders can change their PIN through automated steps by calling the number on the back of their card. Attached is a pictorial flyer explaining the steps. 

Protecting Your EBT Cards and Benefits -- Learn about scams and how to protect your Department of Transitional (DTA) benefits; materials are available in multiple languages.

Additional Information and Steps on How to Change Your PIN -- Access to outreach materials for ways to protect your DTA benefits from skimming scams and how to re-PIN an EBT card; materials are available in multiple languages.

Additional Information in Multiple Languages

Protecting Your EBT Card and Benefits Flyer

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