Parents As Partners:  The Needham Public Schools Wellness Department provides curriculum and instruction designed to help students make good decisions, and practice healthy behaviors. We understand that this is an important endeavor and it requires a strong partnership with parents. This web-site is designed to be a communication tool for parents. It will provide parents with information about our health curriculum and/or provide resources that may be useful in talking with your child(ren) about important topics.

Students in grade 9 will take Alcohol EDU, an interactive, on-line program designed to inform students about how alcohol affects the body, mind, perceptions, and behaviors. This research-based course provides students with accurate information in a non-judgmental tone and provides personalized feedback that encourages students to consider their own drinking decisions and those of their peers.

  • Topic Areas:
  • Peer Pressure 
  • Underage Drinking Laws 
  • Alcohol and theBrain & Body 
  • Bystander Behaviors 
  • Values & Goal-Setting 
  • Challenging Common Myths 
  • Talking to Parents
Refer to the Alcohol EDU information sheet for more detailed information.

AlcoholEdu On-Line Course For Parents
We are excited to offer AlcoholEdu for High School Parents. Thisis a free on-line course designed toprovide parents with an opportunity to support their teen’s learning, enhancecommunication and learn vital skills that will help keep them safe and healthyduring their high school years. 

 Topic Areas
  • The latest research on underage drinking
  • Tips and Tools for talking to your teen about alcohol
  • Strategies for setting rules and monitoring your teen
  • Expert advice and guidance on how to respond if your teen is experimenting and links to resources.
Directions fortaking AlcoholEdu for High School Parents:
  • Enter your first name
  • Enter your last name
  • Enter the name of your school: Needham High School
  • Enter the name of the district: Needham

The parents segment of the course should take around 30 minutes to complete. You may log out and log back into the course at any time; your progress will be saved in the course
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