High Rock Middle School

Health and Physical Education play a significant role in enhancing the wellness experience of High Rock students. Though taught separately, these courses adopt a comprehensive approach to comprehending human health and well-being. Each course contributes uniquely to the continuous development of students' skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for leading an active and healthy lifestyle. The wellness curriculum emphasizes the students' individual responsibility for their own well-being, based on a six-dimensional wellness model encompassing social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational/leisure aspects. The middle school wellness program builds upon foundations established in grades K-5, preparing students for their high school journey and beyond. 

The High Rock wellness program offers many units to provide students with a diverse and well-rounded education. Some of the units taught in the program include introductory courses in invasion games, striking games, and net games, which focus on developing student's skills and understanding of various team-based sports. Additionally, the program includes a team challenge unit that promotes collaboration and problem-solving skills among students. In order to encourage a balanced lifestyle, the program also incorporates units on leisure activities, emphasizing the importance of recreational pursuits for overall well-being. Furthermore, the wellness curriculum covers essential topics such as nutrition, decision-making, sex education, and communication, ensuring that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed choices regarding their health and relationships. By offering these comprehensive units, the High Rock wellness program empowers students to lead healthy and fulfilling lives while equipping them with valuable life skills. 
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