Information Sharing

Key Information to Communicate to the School Nurse

**Please inform your school nurse if your student has a diagnosis of flu or strep as well as any time your student is tested for COVID-19 **

Nurse Emergency Information:
All schools use the Nurse Emergency Information Data from Powerschool.  Information is used   as a means of communication of medical alerts and/ or conditions as well as permission to administer medications during the school day. 

  • It is essential that all students have completed emergency cards on file in each Health Office so that nurses are able to reach parents/guardians. Please keep school nurses updated with the most current cell/work/home phone numbers, best way to be contacted, and please provide updated emergency contact numbers

This update occurs annually - To update this information please:

Login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal

- Navigate to the new "Forms" link on the left hand navigation bar. 

- Please complete the following forms:

1 Student Information

2 Nurse Emergency Information

3 Parent / Guardian / Student - Agreements

- Please do this for each one of your students.  The contacts section will now allow you to copy all contacts to your other students if you choose to do so.

PowerSchool Parent Portal Student Information Update Instructional Video.

When to call the School Nurse:

Please feel free to watch this  informational video on when to notify the nurse.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the School Nurse any time they have questions or concerns and specifically for the following reasons:
  • There's a new medical diagnosis or change in your child's physical, behavioral, or emotional health status including:
  • A new allergy
  • A newly prescribed medication or a change in dose of a current medication
  • A serious injury, illness, condition requiring emergency treatment, hospitalization, or surgery
  • A head injury or concussion
  • An injury requiring sutures, casting, splints, or mobility assistance of crutches or wheelchair
  • Contagious conditions such as, chickenpox, flu, strep throat, whooping cough, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, or head lice
  • Your child is absent for >3 days due to physical illness, injury, or mental health condition
  • There's a transitional change in your family or traumatic event that may affect your child (the birth of sibling, death of a family member or friend, family medical or mental health issues, employment, housing, military deployment, marital or relationship status of parent, or situation of abuse or violence)
Participation in Physical Education: When it is necessary to excuse your child from Physical Education due to an illness or injury, written documentation is required from your child's physician. Written documentation is also required to resume participation in Physical Education.
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