Bullying Prevention and Intervention

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Needham Youth Services Bullying program

A Brochure that provides information to help parents and guardians talk to their children, know what to do if bullying occurs and contains tips for practicing cyber-safety.  This Brochure was funded by the Metrowest Community Health Care Foundation and was published by the Needham Public Schools in cooperation with Needham Youth Services.

District Statement of Commitment

The Needham Public Schools are committed to providing all students with a learning environment that is free from bullying, cyberbullying and retaliation.  We believe that preventing and intervening in these harmful behaviors is one component of our larger effort to promote social skills within our school environment.  Our comprehensive efforts to support all students, preschool through grade 12, include: implementing policies and practices to help students develop social and emotional competenices; providing a caring and safe school environment where all students have an opportunity to participate and learn, and clearly articulating expectations for student behavior and providing the support necessary to help each student meet them.

District Documents

On January 14, 2014, the School Committee approved  a revised policy on  Bullying  Through a process involving community, staff and student input, the district drafted a  Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan[submitting it to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in December 2010.  The district has updated this Plan and the 2013-14 plan can be found  Here.

The Plan provides information on the following topics:
        District Leadership in Preventing Bullying
        Training and Professional Development
        Access to Resources and Services (for targets and aggressors)
        Academic & Non-Academic Activities - Kindergarten to grade 12
        Policies and Procedures
        Statements Prohibiting Bullying
        Appendices with the district's Bullying Policy and the Handbook Policies regarding the Prohibition of Bullying and Retaliation

The Plan is the district’s blueprint for enhancing its capacity to prevent and respond to issues of bullying within the context of other healthy school climate initiatives.  The district has been committed to Social and Emotional Learning for all students for the last ten years.  Our district has established a foundation of teaching approaches, curriculum and building leadership to support the continued implementation of social emotional and anti-bullying skill teaching. This Plan outlines steps the district has taken to reach compliance with the law and lays out a blueprint for those areas that have been determined to be in need of further development and refinement.

How to Report an Incident

If you would like to report an incident that you believe may be bullying, please complete the Incident Report Form .  If you have questions, want to discuss your concerns, or want to return an Incident Report Form, please contact the appropriate staff member at your student's school Who to Report To

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