The New Newman is ready!

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July 2011 -- The Modulars' Arrival

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New Driveline Procedures for the new school year
Watch the 2-minute video for details


May 2011 Student Press Conference quizzing the experts!

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On Monday, May 9 students participated in a Press Conference with our “repair project experts,” to ask the students' burning questions. "We are proud of our students for their thoughtful questions and for representing their classmates in this way" said Principal Peterson.   The experts from Consigli construction, Newman School and Town Public Facilities answered the questions.
May Student Presentation
During an all-school meeting, Principal Downey used a powerpoint to present the repair project and changes students can expect at Newman beginning in June (lunch program) and continuing through next school year.
Modulars on the Move
The Newman modulars are nearing completion and being loaded on the trucks to make their journey from Triumph Modular's assembly site to Needham for installation this summer.  Following are photos of Needham's modulars in construction, as well as a Quicktime movie showing a sample interior.

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In February, 2011, meetings were held to bring parents up-to-date on the latest Newman planning.  The presentation included a Newman at Newman powerpoint that outlines current construction plans, and what to expect this spring, summer and for the opening of the modular classrooms in September, 2011.

The yellow shaded portion below shows the spaces that will be used by students during 2011-2012.
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Relocation of Newman Students During Construction
After considering numerous scenarios, School Committee concluded that the safest and most practical option is to relocate the Preschool, Kindergarten, Newman KASE and NEDP to the Pollard modular wing, and temporarily relocate grades 1-5 to modulars at the current Newman parking lot with access to the gym, cafeteria, auditorium and teacher's work room.  Relocating 800 students is not a small task and comes at a cost of over $4 million.  Since the common areas will be used during the school year, the needed upgrades to those common areas will take place during the summers. Students will be relocated from September 2011 - June 2012.  This plan also offers flexibility if the construction schedule does not go as planned and students need to stay relocated into the Fall of 2012.

Relocation of Newman Students if the HV system fails before Construction Commences
Since Newman is a very large elementary school, with about 800 students, relocation on short notice is difficult.  After exploring many, many options, the only feasible short-term option is to house the students at the other Needham schools.  Contingency plans have looked at every non-classroom space in the district and identified those that could function as temporary classrooms for Newman students.  In the best scenario, only part of the Newman population would need to be relocated and there are enough gym, media center and other spaces to accommodate part of the Newman population.  In the event that the entire Newman population needed to be relocated to the other school buildings, students may need to be added to existing classrooms thus temporarily increasing class size at the elementary schools.  While this scenario is highly unlikely, the contingency planning task force did prepare preliminary plans so that students could be relocated quickly.

Safety of Construction with Students On-Site
The PPBC and the School and the architects carefully considered this issue and concluded that learning and safety can both be accomplished onsite.  Most of the renovation work will be inside the building, thereby minimizing the prevalence of heavy construction vehicles or demolition.  The construction site (see red on above map) will be completely blocked from any student or staff access by walls and fences.  In addition, resources and attention will be given to:
• providing ongoing indoor air quality monitoring
• additional staff as needed to manage and secure the school site during school hours
• additional traffic and parking lot monitoring and crossing guards as needed
• separate entrances for construction traffic
• ensure background checks (CORI) on construction personnel as required
• establishing an Extraordinary Health and Safety Committee comprised of staff, parents, construction and health personnel to ensure safety and health of staff and students during construction

Can We Replicate Newman in Modulars?
We cannot replicate the facility but we can replicate the Newman program.


Newman School Principal
Jessica Peterson
Newman School Health & Safety Committee
Greg Bayse
School Committee Liaisons to Building Committee
Heidi Black, Greg Bayse
Permanent Public Building Committee (PPBC)
Steve Popper