Substitute Teaching

        Substitute Teachers - earn $115/day

Welcome to the Needham Public Schools!  We are delighted that you are interested in applying to become a substitute teacher.  While being a substitute takes skill and patience, it is a rewarding experience particularly for those who are thinking about a career as a teacher.  If you have a Bachelor's degree and a love for working with children, you can substitute in Needham. Please note that Needham resident parents may substitute in any school in the district except his or her child's school.

The first step is to apply online for the position.  You will also need to take an online training program before you can substitute (see Ed Training below) if you do not have a teaching license.  Once you have been interviewed and completed employment paperwork, you can sign up for AESOP, our web-based substitute placement system (see below).  

Sub 101 is a required online training course for substitutes who do not hold a teaching license.  The Sub101 online course will give you all the basics to become a very successful substitute. Once complete please forwrad a copy of your completion to the Human Resource Office.

Needham Public Schools utilizes an automated service that greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of notifying you when your services are needed in the district. This service, called AESOP, utilizes both the telephone and the internet to assist you in locating jobs in our school district.  You can visit AESOP's website anytime, day or night, to see the substituting vacancies in our schools, up to 120 days in advance.  Teachers can leave you their lesson plans online, and you can view communications from the teacher prior to taking their classroom.  In the event of late evening or early morning sick calls, Aesop will call all available substitutes at home (or cell phone) and ask if you would like to fill the vacancy.  Aesop is totally flexible and allows you to set your own schedule.  Many of our current substitutes were apprehensive about Aesop, but most have come to love the system because it is so easy to use and totally flexible.

School Listing Phone numbers, addresses, and hours for schools in the district.

Pay Rates - 2017-2018 School Year:
Daily rate for various assignments:      
  • $115/day (no benefits)
  • 21-92 days in the same teaching assignment: $158.40/day (no benefits)
  • 93-179 days in the same teaching assignment: $242.26/day (eligible for insurance if the assignment is expected to last 6 months or more)
  • Full year, 180 days in the same assignment: Placement on the teacher's salary scale crediting years of service and educational credentials ("step and lane") including benefts.  See the salary scale in the Unit A contract on the contract page of this website.
Long term sub rates for teaching assistants are not on this scale and retroactive pay is not awarded in any level of substituting.

The Needham Public Schools prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin or sexual orientation and ensures that all students and employees have equal rights of access and equal enjoyment of the opportunities, advantages, privileges and courses of study.

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