Dear Prospective Applicant,

Thank you very much for your interest in the Needham Public Schools!  We are pleased that you are considering a career in our district.  The Human Resources office initiated an online application process.  While we realize applying online may take you longer than sending your materials by mail, it is a far more efficient way for us to process your application. The online database of applicants makes it easier for principals to review your materials at any time day or night and on weekends as well.  Sending your materials by mail will place you at a disadvantage as principals look to the electronic database to fill positions.  In addition, we have a formal application that we require you to complete online.

Please know a few helpful hints when applying online:
  • While it will take you a few hours to complete the process, you do not need to complete it in one sitting.  You can compete the process over several days or weeks.
  • All documents must be in electronic format (resume, letters of recommendation, transcripts, DESE license).  Scan those documents into your computer in advance.
  • Complete the application as thoroughly as possible.  The application is a legal document and requires your careful attention.

Needham Public Schools has a history of a comprehensive and thorough interview process for all licensed positions.  Candidates can expect the first interview with a committee including teachers, administrators parents and in some cases, students.  The second interview includes a more in-depth interview and spending time in the district to understand our core values and culture.  Finalists will be visited by a few members of the initial interview committee for an on-site observation, or candidates will conduct a demonstration lesson in Needham.  After thorough reference calls, the selected candidate who is recommended by the principal will have a final interview with the Superintendent and Director of Human Resources.  We believe this process helps us, and you, to make the best possible decision about employment. All candidates are strongly encouraged to review the appropriate collective bargaining agreement to learn more about working conditions, benefits and salary information.

The majority of active employees in the Needham Public Schools are represented by a union, the Needham Education Association (NEA).  The NEA has a long and strong collaborative working relationship with both members and administrators.  The NEA collectively bargains wages and benefits on behalf of all union members and prospective employees are urged to review the wages and benefits by reading the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement:

Most professionally licensed staff are part of Unit A including teachers, counselors, nurses, school psychologists, speech pathologists, etc..

It is important to note that individuals who have prior DESE licensed experience in a public school district, charter school or state approved special education school will receive credit for that experience on the Needham salary scale for the years in which they held a valid DESE license.  Those candidates who come with experience in a private, parochial or independent school will be given half credit for each year of service for those years in which a valid DESE license was held.  It is the policy of the Needham Public Schools to allow credit for clinical experience only when performed a school setting as described previously.  

The Needham Public School's collectively bargained salary scale, like many public schools, is designed to compensate employees based on years of service and educational credentials. It is important to note that graduate credit beyond the Master's degree (Master's +15, 30, 45 and 60) must be earned after the date that your degree has been awarded on your transcript.

Many clinical degree programs (speech pathologists, psychologists, social workers, etc.) require more credit than is typical for a Master's degree in teaching.   While the Needham Public Schools appreciates the additional work that is required by your institution to complete the degree, no additional credit on the salary scale will be awarded for any credit that is required as part of a Master's program.  Again, credit beyond the Master's degree will only be recognized after the date of your Master's degree was awarded.

Administrators are part of Unit B including assistant principals, department directors and chairs, and coordinators.

Non DESE licensed student support staff are part of Unit C including teaching assistants, program specialists, COTA's, and SPLA's.

School support staff including school aides, office staff, bookkeepers, payroll and accounting staff, and computer technicians are part of Unit D.

Food services staff and mangers are part of Unit E

All positions that are open in the Needham Public School District are posted on this website. To view open positions, start an application, or modify an existing application please visit:http://www.generalasp.com/needham/onlineapp

The Needham Public School System is a member of METCO and Empowering Multicultural Initiatives (EMI). Candidates who have strong commitments to active anti-racism are encouraged to apply.

The Needham Public Schools prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin or sexual orientation and ensures that all students and employees have equal rights of access and equal enjoyment of the opportunities, advantages, privileges and courses of study.

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Assistant to the Director of Human Resources
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Human Resource Specialist
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Payroll Supervisor
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Payroll Coordinator
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