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The Needham Public Schools’ Guidance Department consists of 19 professional counselors and a Director of Guidance who service 4787 students in 7 buildings.

The Guidance Counselors are professionally certified in the fields of either Social Work, Guidance Counseling or Adjustment Counseling. Most of these professionals hold multiple certifications and have specialized training which far exceeds the requirements for their positions.


The Guidance Counselors are available to service all of the students in their respective buildings and their parents, as needed. Although the student-to-counselor ratio of some counselors exceeds 300-to-one, they are committed to remaining available to ALL of the students and parents throughout the school system to address academic and personal counseling needs as they are reflected in the school environment.

While therapy and rehabilitation, per se, are not the goals of the Counselors, the Guidance Department recognizes that all youngsters come to school under different conditions which affect the way they function in school academically, socially and behaviorally.

The Guidance Counselors strive to assist students in attaining levels of emotional, behavioral and social stability which enable them and their peers to maximize their educational opportunities.

Guidance Counselors see students in individual and group counseling modalities, visit classrooms, and consult with parents and staff. They service youngsters of all developmental stages from preschool to graduation from Needham High School, and they are instrumental in assisting the students in their post-secondary college and career choices.

Last year the Guidance Counselors in the Needham Public Schools saw students in 14,411 individual counseling sessions, conducted 2,279 group counseling sessions, fielded 13,227 contacts with parents and connected on 3,201 occasions with collateral public and private agencies also serving the students. The Counselors earnestly strive to make themselves available to all students and parents as needed to support the school-home partnership and thus to optimize the school adjustment of our students.

Needham High School
60 Webster Street
Needham, MA 02494
Tom Denton
Director of Guidance Pre K-12
781-455-0800 x2130
Barbara Pitney
Secretary to the Director of Guidance
781-455-0800 x2131
Jean McDavitt
Secretary, Counseling Center
781-455-0800 x2144