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Elementary Classes
Check out the catalog of NCE ELEMENTARY after-school, evening, and preschool offerings for classes beginning in late November/early December.  Registration begins on MONDAY, October 27 at 8AM* (in person at NCE, by fax or by mail).  The registration deadline is Wednesday, November 12, or until classes fill.  Click here for a registration form.

Please check the class availability list.

There are classes that will appeal to every child: sports, arts, crafts, fun science, technology, chess and more.  Afternoon classes begin at the end of the school day.  Students are dismissed to the designated NCE waiting area of their school, where they are supervised by the NCE On-Site Coordinator until the workshop teacher arrives to escort the students to their classroom.  Most classes are one-hour long, once a week for 5-8 weeks.

Questions?  Contact Amy Goldman, NCE Program Director, at or 781-455-0400 x214.

Kindergarten (KASE)

For details see the KASE Program home page.

The Needham Public Schools Community Education Department is pleased to offer KASE for each elementary school. KASE, a fee based program, affords kindergarten children the opportunity to experience the best in fun by extending the 1/2 day kindergarten program with a 1/2 day KASE program.  The unit based KASE curriculum complements kindergarten and extends learning through an engaging array of hands on, enrichment explorations.

NCE Office located at:
Emery Grover Admin. Building
1330 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA 02492
781-455-0400 x235
Fax 781-455-0417
Amy Goldman
NCE Elementary Program Director
781-455-0400 x214
KASE Office located at:
Needham Congregational Church
1154 Great Plain Avenue
Needham, MA 02492
781-559-3384, 3390
FAX 781-455-0417
Connie Leonard
NCE KASE Program Director
For Flex Spending Account Statement(s) or Billing Questions contact:
Ron Rizzuto
781-455-0400 x235