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The SUMMER EXPLORATIONS catalog is now available, and registration has begun. Check out the wonderful array of offerings! 
It is recommended that you register early, by fax or in person in the NCE office, as many classes will fill VERY quickly.

Please check out the updated Class Status Listing before registering.

IMPORTANT REGARDING FAXES: We are having occasional fax phone line problems that are beyond our control.  If you encounter a problem sending a fax, please call our offices at (781) 455-0400 x235.

Questions?  Contact Amy Goldman, NCE Program Director, at or 781-455-0400 x214

 It's not too late to register for¬†NCE ELEMENTARY¬†spring offerings.¬†Please check the list of¬†available classes.¬† Details can be found in the¬†catalog.¬†¬†¬†Register today, in person at NCE, by fax, or by mail.

Registration begins at 8 AM on Monday, April 4 for the NCE INSIDER'S GUIDE to HIGH ROCK program--a fun orientation program, designed for students who are anxious about the transition to 6th grade.  Click here for a program description, details and a registration form. Check the section availability listing before registering.

This program will fill quickly, so register early (but not before 8AM on April 4) in the NCE office, by fax or by mail.  Registrations received prior to 8 AM on 4/4 will be processed at the end of the day on 4/4.  A LIMIT OF 4 NON-FAMILY MEMBER REGISTRATION FORMS PER PERSON will be permitted on the first day of registration.

Questions?  Contact Amy Goldman, NCE Program Director, at or 781-455-0400 x214

Kindergarten (KASE)
Welcome KASE Families!    For details see the KASE Program home page.

The Needham Public Schools Community Education Department is pleased to offer KASE for each elementary school. KASE, a fee based program, affords kindergarten children the opportunity to experience the best in fun by extending the 1/2 day kindergarten program with a 1/2 day KASE program.  The unit based KASE curriculum complements kindergarten and extends learning through an engaging array of hands on, enrichment explorations.