Teacher: Maryellen Reidy
Unit: Rainforest

student masks

Language & Literacy

Create a KWL chart with the children. The K and W represent what we Know as a group about the Rainforest and What we hope to learn. At the end of the unit we come back and reflect on the two charts and then create a new one: What we have Learned. It is amazing for the children to see their detailed growth from the beginning to the end of a unit.
Make passports fill in name and birth date.
Make list of what to take in a suitcase based on the temperature and weather.
Rainforest journals, trace and label animals and some rainforest vegetation.
My favorite animal from the Rainforest is ________________________ because_______________. (Use Kindergarten “tap it out” spelling and illustrate with a picture)

Science/Social Studies

Locate South America on a map. Label and color the Amazon Rainforest
Sample different Rainforest foods. (e.g. pineapple, cacao, mango, papaya, banana)
Introduction to Rainforest smells that we would find in most grocery stores
Sample hot chocolate with cinnamon
Visit from the Needham Science Center with a tarantula
Sloth experiment- Sloth’s walk very, very slowly. About 6ft. in 30 minutes. In this fun lesson, I set an egg timer for 30 minutes and we see what we accomplish in 30 minutes.


Sort Rainforest animals using different attributes. (e.g. color, animal, reptiles, etc.)
After reading The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry measure the height of a mahogany tree using kindergartners.
Howler shape monkeys
Pattern boa constrictors
Class Survey –What is your favorite Rainforest animal?


Create 3-D like Rainforest mural in the classroom with the four different layers represented with the children’s artwork.
Make orchids, bromeliads, vines and ephytes for the wall mural.
Lacing bats
Giant classroom boa constrictor
Giant class ocelot
Jaguar puppets
Bird masks
Origami red eyed tree frog
Create the sounds of the Rainforest by making a Rainforest stick.
Blue Morpho Butterflies
Tapirs with “coffee” fur.
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