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Good Website with Service Learning Resources for all levels

Good Website with Service Learning Project Examples for all levels

National Service Learning Clearing House Resources and Project Examples K-12

Generation On Resources and Project Examples K-12

Find a Volunteer Opportunity in your area (K-12)

Service Learning Project Examples (K-12)

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Generator School Network
The Generator School Network is an online community of more than 5,000 youth and adult members who have discovered how they can change the world through service-learning. The GSN is the leading resource for fast and easy sharing, service-learning professional development, and networking. - See more at:
Raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps K-12 students stay drug-free

Promotes healthy living among children

Professional Development and Articles

Learner's Edge - Online course in Service Learning

Service Learning Helps Elementary Students See the 'Big Picture' Daily Times (2012)

Does Service Learning Really Help? NY Times (2009)

Why Districts, Schools, and Classrooms Should Practice Service-Learning (2007)

Brief essay on the need for incorporating CSL experiences into the general curriculum:

Some considerations if we were to ever study the impact of our own CSL project and perhaps publish:

Why Service Learning is Bad - contains tips for key considerations while constructing a project.  whyservicelearningisbad.pdf

"Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless."
~ Pras Michel

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