Community Service Learning - Here's what's happening in Needham Schools.
Mitchell - Sandwich Tuesday
Jan 2017
The Mitchell Community Service Learning Committee had a very successful sandwich making event on Tuesday, Jan 31 in support of Generic Ministry, the Needham charity that provides meals, clothing and other essentials for homeless men and women in Boston.  We had 30 student volunteers along with parents who received a very informative presentation from Generic Ministry volunteer Terry Windhorst about volunteering and Generic Ministry's mission.  The kids made 70 lunches for the homeless and then received a tour of the Generic Ministry van.  See all photos here!
Mitchell - Sandwich Tuesday and Pie in the Sky Fundraiser
Nov 29, 2016
Here are some highlights from our event:

  • QIMG_5259.jpg12116_34413_0.jpg
  • P1050031.jpgR_20161129_152905.jpg
  • 25 Mitchell students along with parents attended
  • 70 lunches made for Generic Ministry volunteers to deliver to homeless in Boston
  • Students and parents toured the Generic Ministry van with Mitchell parent and GM volunteer Kristen Collins to see how Generic Ministry supports the many needs of homeless people in Boston
See all the photos here

Pie in the Sky Fundraiser

  • 112 pies bought by Mitchell families, raising $3,355 for the Community Servings organization
  • The $3,355 raised will enable Community Servings to support 112 critically ill homebound clients & their families for one week, or one client and family for 1/3 of the year
Pie in the Sky card making event
  • 13 Mitchell students attended with parents
  • Community Servings educational video watched by all
  • The students created 45 creative, colorful and cheerful holiday and get well cards for Community Servings to provide to their clients this holiday season
Check out all the photos

Mitchell - Mrs. Spinney's Students deliver!
Mrs. Spinney's Class delivered 60 bags of items to the NCC Food Pantry!
Eliot's First Sandwich Tueday
Making sandwiches for the Generic Minstry.

Eliot's Newest 5th Grade CSL Team Member
Fifth grade Student Leaders greet students in the morning and help them arrive safely.
Mitchell Students Deliver
Ms. Krammes' third grade class delivered forty bags of items on behalf of Mitchell School today. Our next collection is Oct 18th.IMG_1822.jpg

District Goal Two: Develop social, emotional, wellness, and citizenship skills
To ensure students develop the knowledge and skills that empower healthy, resilient, and culturally  proficient global citizens who commit to act with integrity, respect, and compassion.

Objective #3: Students engage in age appropriate service activities that enable them to contribute to or act on local or global social needs and that provide them opportunities to develop social, civil, and academic skills through reflection and analysis of their efforts.

"Experience enhances understanding; understanding leads to more effective action." (Eyler and Giles 1999)